Residential Direct Support Professional--Mt. Grove

Now Hiring for the Mt. GroveArea!

What is this job all about?

In this position, you will change lives.  Your goal is to be an encourager and mentor to adults with developmental disabilities as they decide how they want to live their lives, spend their time, and develop their talents.  The level of support varies from individual to individual, but the mission is the same: serve others so they can direct their own lives as independent, valued members of their community.

That’s nice, but what will I actually be doing?

As a Direct Support Professional, you will provide training and supports to individuals served in dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, house cleaning, laundry, and other activities of daily living. You’ll assist with the purchasing of groceries, train in food preparation, administer medications, and assist in the management of personal funds.  You’ll get to help implement personal plans (the story of the individual you’re serving including their history, goals, and achievements). And you’ll contribute to the development and maintenance of a therapeutic environment (keeping their houses happy and cozy).

What will I get out of it?

This job doesn’t feel like a job.  It feels like spending time with people you care about, helping them move toward the life they want for themselves.  It feels like making a difference every single shift, and going home at the end of the day knowing you made someone’s life better.

You’ll also get to work for a company that cares about your goals.  The Arc of the Ozarks strives to help you develop as an individual through paid-trainings, internal promotions, and the constant support of supervisors who have been in your shoes. You will have a whole team around you to work with, learn from, and grow beside. 

And at the heart of it, you get to know that the world is a better place because of you.

Okay, I’m in.  What’s the process now?

If you have more questions, call Jeff Crawford at (417) 771-3700  and she can help you out.  If you’re ready to go now, click that link below to fill out the application.  Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll get a call within 48 business hours from a recruiter to hopefully get you on the path to change lives.

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