Family and Community Implementer

This is a part-time, entry level human services position providing desired supports to persons with disabilities, in the natural home and community settings, so that they may achieve the highest level of independent living possible within their community.

The Counterpoint Family and Community Services Team primarily supports children and young adults who have an Autism diagnosis and /or Autistic Tendencies.  These individuals may also have some form of Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability and sometimes a Psychiatric/Behavioral Diagnosis.  These individuals are prone to poor social & communication skills, exhibiting impulsive behaviors, poor decision making, and verbal/physical aggression.  Behavioral Observation and Assessment and Crisis Intervention and Prevention Skills are used on a daily basis.

An employee in this class may provide one-on-one training and supports to assigned persons served in communication and social skills, community participation, and skill acquisition of other activities of daily living.   This employee assists in the implementation of personal plans; implementation of behavior support plans, and establishes effective interpersonal relationships with each person served, their parents and/or guardians, and other members of the support team.

Work involves responsibility for observing and reporting information concerning the physical, mental, and behavioral condition of the persons served and for assisting in the maintenance of necessary records and reports to document these observations.  Close supervision and direction is received from the Behavior Analyst, the Program Supervisor, and/or other staff members who review work through reports and direct observations.

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