Job Coach - Monett Division

The Job Coach for Employment Solutions, a subsidiary of The Arc of the Ozarks, is the key player in providing services for our primary customer (an individual who has a disability).  The Job Coach’s primary job is to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment.  This role includes assisting the individual with career planning and interest identification, assisting to connect the individual with community resources, assisting with transportation planning/ bus training, assisting the individual with the application and interview process, assisting the individual in starting their own business, and supporting the person once they have obtained employment.  Once a job is secured, the Job Coach will be responsible for facilitating supports the individual needs at the worksite.  This does not replace the training offered by the business, but some individuals need additional support with developing work relationships, setting a routine, meeting timelines, and ensuring quality.  The Job Coach provides the support needed either one-on-one or in a group setting, depending on support needs. Supports may be provided on or off site, depending on the needs of the individual receiving services.  The Job Coach is responsible for assisting the individual to continually monitor their progress, establish goals to accomplish, and in planning for future career goals.

Communication through the entire process is extremely important.  The Job Coach is responsible for communication with the individual receiving services, funding sources, employers, coworkers, and other members of the individuals support team, as well as keeping the Employment Consultant informed of progress and support needs.  The Job Coach will ask for feedback and suggestions from all parties involved through informal methods to ensure appropriate, quality services are provided.

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