Employment Solutions

The Arc of the Ozarks Employment Solutions was established to provide vocational and related services to individuals needing assistance to secure and maintain employment. 

What makes Employment Solutions unique is the individualized services and availability of ongoing supports for each person. Every individual working in an Enclave or with Individual Placement has a Personal Employment Plan that lists job-related goals designed to help them reach success.

Ongoing services can be provided for as long as the team feels supports are still required. When the team agrees the person has mastered the job and no longer needs supports, supports can be terminated. 



Enclave involves a work crew of approximately 4-6 people working together at various businesses in the community. Crewmembers receive individualized training provided by a job coach. This service has proven to be very effective in providing the necessary training a person may require if he or she chooses to seek an individualized placement in the community.

For many, working on a crew is a great place to start! It provides opportunities to train in areas such as vocational and social skills. In addition, working on a crew can contribute to developing confidence that will aid in success.

Individual Placement

The ultimate goal of The Arc's Employment Solutions is to assist a person in securing and maintaining competitive employment in the community. Securing a job of ones choosing is perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve. Employment Solutions not only assists in securing employment, but we also develop plans that will help a person maintain their employment.