Family Advocacy Office

The purpose of the Family Advocacy Office is to provide information on resources and supports to individuals, families and/or community members upon request. Our goal is to establish a partnership with each stakeholder in order to thoroughly understand their particular situation, whereby enabling us to tailor resources that address individual needs. 

Beyond building partnerships with the people who come seeking assistance, our Family Advocacy team works hard to develop close connections with organizations that enable us to bridge the gap for the individuals and families we serve. These relationships give us opportunities to better connect them with the community and the resources available. 

The Family Advocacy Team specializes in: 

  • Disability Awareness presentations and trainings including autism, TBD and Dual Diagnosis

  • Community resources

  • Self-Advocacy training

  • Assistive Technology resources

  • Community events

  • Developing educational programs on disabilities services, inclusion and public awareness

  • Autism collabrative efforts

  • Involvement in community task forces and initivites

Angie Perryman   Family Advocate

Angie Perryman

Family Advocate

ELIZABETH OBREY   Family Advocate


Family Advocate



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