Residential SUPPORTS

The Arc of the Ozarks offers residential support options including group homes and supported living in apartments and community residences.  Depending on the needs of individuals, the homes are integrated in the community and are as accessible as necessary to provide full and complete use by each person living there. The staff at each home is trained in health and safety skills and provides support and services designed to help each person achieve the greatest level of independence desired.

Group Homes

The Arc Group Homes are designed to be a warm and inviting family setting housing up to six individuals. Each person who lives in a home has the responsibility and role of caring for their house and themselves. Individuals are encouraged to have activities that they enjoy outside of the home such as hobbies, church membership, community clubs, volunteering and visiting friends. The Arc staff is always available and dedicated to providing the supports necessary for each person to be as independent as possible both in and outside of their home.

Individual Supported Living Units (ISL)

Individualized Supported Living Units provide individuals the most independence possible. This service provides people who may need some social support and direction to live in their own apartment. The individual may know how to cook and complete basic domestic tasks but needs support in planning menus or shopping for groceries. 

Medically Fragile

Medically Fragile Services provides individuals with medically-specific needs a space in which they can achieve or maintain the best possible life. Long- or short-term medical care is offered in a safe, home-like environment to people with serious ongoing illness or chronic health conditions that require daily monitoring and medical treatments that use a medical device or assistive technology. As a team, we work with individuals to achieve the very best possible health. Staff, including Registered Nurses (RN), are available 24 hours a day to assist individuals with their various needs in the hopes of enhancing health and overall quality of living. 

ABBY SIMEK Assistant Director of Residential Supports


Assistant Director of Residential Supports

ROSS TRACY Director of Residential Supports


Director of Residential Supports

Tena Morrow Director of Residential Supports

Tena Morrow

Director of Residential Supports