ALISA LOWRY Director of Autism Programs


Director of Autism Programs


At Rivendale, we believe that education isn’t about memorizing facts—it’s about teaching children how to learn. Our child-centered approach focuses on fostering positive emotional growth, increasing academic, language, and behavioral competencies, and enhancing each student’s natural strengths.

Our prime objective for all students is to help shape them into independent young adults who can productively interact in a variety of mainstream social settings and situations. We accomplish this by providing individualized programming tailored to each child’s skill set. That’s why our private facility, approved by the Missouri Department of Education, provides families with an effective alternative to public education that allows students to explore their full potential and achieve their full capabilities. 




RIVENDALE institute of Learning

Student populations: A private school offering education for students with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities and autism. 
Student body: Ages K -12
Capacity: 20 students
Program highlights:

  • Behavior Management Program Focused on Self-Regulation Skills
  • Speech Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Counseling
  • Rotational System of Instruction
  • Academic Programming Aligned with State/District Curriculum
  • Integrated Technology


Student populations: Autism Spectrum Exceptionalities, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities
Student body: 2-11
Capacity: 30 students
Program highlights:

  • Discrete Trial Training 
  • Independent Play/Activity Schedules
  • Speech Therapy; Occupational Therapy
  • Natural Environment Training (NET)
  • Functional Self-Help & Life Skills
  • Group Instruction



colleen quinn Director of Rivendale

colleen quinn

Director of Rivendale